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Development areas and activities

The following development areas and activities are included in our daily program:


Bible education

At Mozart Academy Christianity as religion is promoted

Music and dance

Singing with gestures during songs; listening skills and playing of music instruments. Rhythm and movement with music.

Gross motor development

Exercises for balance, movement and ball sense. We work individually with each learner.

Life skills

The main focus here is on personal hygiene; bathroom routine;and social skills.

Perceptual development

Both auditory and visual perceptual skills are stimulated. It includes tasks like discriminating sounds, matching objects, colours and shapes etc.

Theme based language literacy

Themes are used to develop language skills in learners.  We expand their communication skills – both verbal (speech) or alternative communication (manual sign language and picture based communication). Literacy skills are also stimulated.


Art helps to develop learners self-esteem. Through art we also develop fine motor skills, sensory processing skills and visual perceptual abilities.