As a non-profit company and public benefit organisation, Mozart Academy’s primary aim is to help learners with special needs. Teachers and assistants work with parents to give our learners the best possible education We created a center where every learner can reach their full potential in a safe, loving environment.

Mozart Academy is not a school, but a center for children with special needs.

Learners are divided into small groups where functional scholastic skills, life skills and stimulation of development are focused on. Each learner can progress at their own pace. We develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each learner, which is aimed at their specific needs, competencies and capabilities.

We believe that the small classes, individual sessions with each learner, close interaction with therapists and parents are the deciding factors contributing to the progress we see in our learners. Our tutors and assistants have regular training to improve their knowledge and skills.

We cater for all learners with special needs and developmental delays and will evaluate learners to place them in the correct class.